Research Resources

Aleph is dedicated to helping our potential authors through the process of planning, conducting, and compiling their research. We know research can be daunting, but we hope the below resources and guides will help ease the stress of every stage of the research journey.

Each year, Aleph seeks to publish quality research… therefore, we are also dedicated to help our potential research through the process of planning, conducting, and presenting a research project. On this page, you can find guides and resources for each stage of the research project. Directly below are links to some helpful websites. We also incorporated some of their content into sections on this page.

Links to general writing and research resources

Getting started: finding a research question

  • What Aleph looks for in a research work, includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Significance
    2. Validity and Accuracy
    3. Power to generate discussion
    4. Originality
    5. Clarity (To both academics as well as a general reader)

Conducting research

Presenting the results

    • For writing a paper, the structure should go like this:
  1. Abstract and thesis/conclusion
  2. Organizing supporting evidence
    • Qualitative (first-hand sources, analysis)
    • Quantitative (stats, numerical values, data of some form)
  3. Organizing argument
  4. Thesis & evaluation/significance
  5. Methodology & Limitations
  6. Findings & Analysis
  7. Conclusion

Writing and citation guides

Zotero is also very helpful!