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Aleph provides undergraduates with experiences in editing academic research papers (from reviewing to copy editing), obtaining research skills, and in defining academic interests and objectives as they are exposed to interdisciplinary research topics across multiple disciplines and fields of studies. Aleph is designed as an entry-level experience and allows undergraduates early in their academic careers to participate in editing; hence, it does not require any prior experience in journalism or research to join us.

Students will receive 2 upper division units for 6-10 hours of work per week by enrolling in Research Practice 192B during the Winter or Spring quarters. Class will be held in person at Powell Library Building 330 unless noted otherwise.

Please note that Aleph is not open to general staff members during the Fall quarter. Fall quarter activities consist of discussion between Editorial Board members to plan for the next year.

Updates on recruiting editors can be found on our Instagram page (@aleph_ucla).

If you are interested in joining Aleph, please refer to the list of open positions along with their descriptions. All the following positions are open to first-time staff members and each member may have more than one roll if they choose to do so. *NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED*

Winter Quarter

Review Board

  • Reads submissions to determine whether to reject or accept articles based on the strength, novelty, and compelling aspects of the research/writing. 
  • Prepares typed comments on each article and basic editorial notes. 

Developmental Editors (may extend into Spring)

  • Annotate reviewer discussions and synthesize and organize reviewer feedback and decision.
  • Assists review board team in preliminary decision-making on an article with an eye to developmental potential.

Spring Quarter

Copy Editors

  • Edit final articles for grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, etc. 
  • Ensures quality of final article prior to publication both online and in print. 

Layout Staff

  • Develop and select design ideas for the issue
  • Works with the copy editors to ensure design choices adhere to proper style and citation guidelines.
  • Assists in formatting cover and body content.

YEAR-ROund Positions

Blog Contributor

Website Support Staff

  • Inventories necessary website updates and suggested updates
  • Post all articles finalized for online publication on eScholarship.
  • Experience with WordPress highly suggested but not required.

Outreach (Social Media)

  • Increase/maintain enrollment for Aleph and article submissions
  • Publicizes the journal as an institution that supports undergraduate research: passing out flyers at Bruin Walk, giving announcements before classes, posting flyers on high traffic bulletin boards (when necessary).
  • Works to communicate upcoming Aleph activities and events with the UCLA community.

Short-Term Position(s)

Undergraduate Research Week Team

  • Staffs the Aleph table at Research Poster day and assists in other aspects of Undergraduate Research Week.***
  • Help facilitate discussion between authors and participants in Aleph: Round Table Undergraduate Research Week event.

*** = Due to COVID-19, in-person events at URW have been moved online unless noted otherwise.

For any inquiries, please check the FAQ page or contact us at