Aleph Timeline

Aleph Timeline (for authors and staff members)

Winter Quarter

  • Week 1
    • Tuesday: first staff meeting
    • Friday: deadline for article submissions
  • Week 2-5
    • Evaluation of articles, contact authors with decisions and development suggestions
  • Week 7-10
    • Multiple rounds of developmental editing
      • Authors revise articles after receiving developmental letters
      • Developmental editors write new developmental suggestions after receiving revisions
      • until the article is ready for copy editing

Spring Quarter

  • Week 1
    • first staff meeting
  • Week 2
    • deadline for submission of original cover art designs
  • Week 2-7
    • multiple rounds of copy editing
      • authors are notified with the changes and reply on their decisions
      • copy editors continue revising 
      • until the author and the copy editors are satisfied
  • Week 8-9
    • designing the print edition
    • proofreading and final editing

Description of positions

Positions open to first-time staff members (each member may have multiple roles):

Review Board (winter quarter):

  • Reads submissions to determine whether to reject or accept articles based on the strength, novelty, and compelling aspects of the research/writing. 
  • Prepares typed comments on each article and basic editorial notes. 

Developmental Editors (winter quarter, may extend into spring):

  • Annotate reviewer discussions and synthesize and organize reviewer feedback and decision.
  • Assists review board team in preliminary decision-making on an article with an eye to developmental potential.

Copy Editors (spring quarter):

  • Edit final articles for grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, etc. 
  • Ensures quality of final article prior to publication both online and in print. 

Layout Staff (spring quarter):

  • Develop and select design ideas for the issue
  • Works with the copy editors to ensure design choices adhere to proper style and citation guidelines.
  • Assists in formatting cover and body content.

Website support team (spring quarter):

  • Inventories necessary website updates and suggested updates
  • Post all articles finalized for online publication

Outreach and Undergraduate Research Week team (Variable):

  • Increase/maintain enrollment for Aleph and article submissions
  • Publicizes the journal as an institution that supports undergraduate research: passing out flyers at Bruin Walk, giving announcements before classes, posting flyers on high traffic bulletin boards (when necessary).
  • Works to communicate upcoming Aleph activities and events with the UCLA community.
  • Staffs the Aleph booth at Research Poster day and assists in other aspects of Undergraduate Research Week
  • etc.