Here are some of our most frequently asked questions! Can’t find your answer? Please do not hesitate to send us an email at alephjournal@ucla.edu.



Q: How do I become an Aleph staff member?

A: Please see our “Join the Staff” page for information on joining the team.


Q: Will Aleph accept my submission?

A: Aleph accepts submissions that manifest original thought, clear analysis, and a high standard of research. We encourage all UCLA undergraduates who have conducted research in the humanities, social sciences, or behavioral sciences to submit their papers to us. Please see our “Submission Info” page to learn more.


Q: Why didn’t Aleph publish my work?

A: Publishing in Aleph is competitive. The journal endeavors to select only the best undergraduate research. Please note that submissions which might deserve publication are not always accepted. This may be due to limitations in space, unusually strong competition, or an article’s similarity to recently published material.


Q: How will Aleph publish my work?

A: All accepted submissions will be published on the online website; however, due to limited amount of space, only a few will be published in the print edition. Submissions that will be published in the print edition will be determined by all editors once all submissions have been reviewed and edited.


Q: How long does Aleph take to make submission decisions?

A: The staff reviews all submissions during Winter Quarter of each academic year to decide on journal content. Aleph will notify writers of its decisions during this period.


Q: What does double-blind mean?

A: Aleph is a double-blind peer review journal, which means that the editors reviewing the paper will not be aware of the authors and vice versa–the authors will not know who is reviewing their work. This process eliminates any biases that can arise from knowing the editor or author.


Q: Where can I get a copy of Aleph?

A: You will find journals at the Undergraduate Research Center. Our office is located at A334 Murphy Hall.