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Remembering Socialist Beijing in Postsocialist China

"Remembering Socialist Beijing in Postsocialist China   Abstract:        The disappearance of Beijing’s alleyways (hutongs) generated public outcry in reform-era China. However, the demise of an equally significant living space in socialist Beijing, residential compounds (dayuan), has received little popular or scholarly attention. This study turns its... '"
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Obama’s Pivot to Asia Policy Touches the Dragon’s Inverted Scales
"During the time the United States was involved in wars with Iraq and Afghanistan and simultaneously faced an economic crisis in the early 2000s, China’s economy grew at an unprecedented speed, surpassing that of Japan in 2010 to become the world’s second largest economy. In response to the changing power dynamics caused by China’s rise, President Obama announc.."
Voting in The Modern World: Examining Media Habits to Create a Relevant Guide for the 2016 General Election
"Over hundreds of voter guides exist in the United States today; they vary in content style, substance, and medium–including print, podcast, and video (Ballotpedia). The California Secretary of State sends out a Voter Information Guide to every voting household in California. The guide is currently available in ten languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japan.."
Re-engagement Through Restructuring: Expanding the Civic Learning Model
"The nature of student engagement in the classroom is multifaceted. Students can engage in school behaviorally, through active participation in classroom discussion and activities; emotionally, by reacting to classroom settings and finding the motivation to do class work; and cognitively, by investing the effort necessary to understand a subject in all of its complex.."
Interference of Second Language in the Acquisition of Tagalog Word in Children: A Case Study
"1. Literature Review  The Austronesian language Tagalog, spoken in the Philippines, permits a relatively variable syntactic word order including the most default word order verb-object-subject (VOS), verb-subject-object (VSO), and subject-verb-object (SVO), the least common word order. To compensate for the potential ambiguity presented by such syntactic .."
The Homme Fatal: Transgressing Normative Behavior and the Loss of Masculinity
"The femme fatale as a trigger and cause of male fatality has been a subject of constant study in film noir academia. Noir films seemingly restrict characterization under a formulaic attribution of gender roles and divisions, yet the idea of the femme fatale as the cause of fatality is entirely too limiting and gives their male counterparts little agency. The idea of the homme.."
Black Nature / Dark Matter Poetics: Camille Dungy’s “Smith Blue” and Tracy K. Smith’s “Life on Mars”
"On the frontispiece of Camille Dungy’s Smith Blue (2011), Dungy quotes renowned African American poet Gwendolyn Brooks: “Let us combine / There are no magic or elves / Or timely godmothers to guide us. We are lost, must / Wizard a track through our own screaming weed” (Dungy, 2011: xi). “Wizard a track” (2) incites a personal reinvention; Brooks asserts one can use their particular craft.."
Conflict and Compromise: The Nullification Crisis
"“Everything dear to our country is at stake.”1 This statement by South Carolina Governor Robert Hayne best encapsulates sentiments felt throughout the country during the winter of 1832-1833. It was a turbulent time in the United States as President Andrew Jackson faced the very real possibility of an armed insurrection against federal laws in South Carolina. The fate of the America.."